About Nigel

Nigel became a member of UKIP because he wants our country to once again be a free, independent, self-governing democracy, not subject to the whims of an unelected, unaccountable Brussels bureaucracy. Nigel’s political convictions are neither of the trendy, liberal Left or the reactionary, elitist Right. Nigel feels that the United Kingdom Independence Party is his natural political home, a party that is democratic, tolerant, broad-minded and progressive, a party that is not bound by narrow, out-dated political dogma or that has a class-based, historical axe to grind. Nigel supports UKIP because it is a party committed to policies designed to do the very best for our own people, the British people, rather than following some woolly, Euro-centric agenda set by a legion of over-paid, unaccountable, faceless bureaucrats based in Brussels.


For his own part, Nigel has worked in all types of organisations as a quality and environmental management systems auditor as well as a professional trainer. Viewed from his own perspective, it is clear that these are both areas that the European Union has attempted to include in its remit in recent years, adding un-necessary layers of bureaucracy, together with all the extra associated costs.


Working in around thirty countries across the world during his career, Nigel has always felt comfortable in his chosen professional role, whether that means meeting new people, engaging in a range of technical discussions, or addressing large professional gatherings and conferences. Nigel’s specific areas of interest are business systems, the natural environment, sustainability of natural resources and energy conservation. He firmly believes that we urgently need to adopt a number of well-defined sustainability principles, in order to begin to reverse the damage caused to our fragile planet since the advent of the Industrial Revolution. Only by so doing, by for instance controlling carbon emissions and husbanding scarce resources, can we preserve for future generations an environment that can be enjoyed and that can enrich the lives of our children and grand-children.


A fit and energetic fifty-four year old, Nigel has wide life experience, having built a personal career in business, helped others to run their own organisations and at the same time brought up three sons, now adults themselves and making their own way in the world as mature young men. Nigel lives with his partner, Susan, who supports him in all his endeavours – both business and political. As far as public and professional service is concerned, Nigel has been a District and Parish Councillor, including a period as Chairman, also a school governor. He has, in addition, been a committee member for his own professional institution. Whilst serving as a Special Constable, he gained valuable insights into the way that various, disparate groups of people live their everyday lives in the modern cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic society, that is the Britain of today.


Believing whole heartedly in the life-enhancing attributes of drive, determination and enthusiasm and armed with these himself in abundance, Nigel is a man of sincere and positive commitment, a good and sympathetic listener, and a person who is, moreover, always willing to give advice and encouragement to others in order that they may fulfil their own true potential.

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